How Fast Can A French Bulldog Run?

Chances are, if you find yourself on this page, you’re quite the French Bulldog lover.

Whether you own a French Bulldog yourself, or you’re just curious to find out more about the breed, you’re definitely in the right place!

I’m here to explore the brachycephalic breed, and tell you everything you need to know about their running speeds!

As French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, the breed can be prone to developing upper airway abnormalities.

This can sometimes play a part in their ability to exercise, including on the speed of their run. Let’s dive in to find out more about the French Bulldog.

Speed That French Bulldogs Run

French Bulldogs can run at a speed of around 14-17 miles per hour. This equates to about 22-27 km per hour.

The fastest ever recorded French Bulldog could run at a speed of around 25.12 miles per hour, or 40.42 km per hour.

French Bulldogs are often associated with not taking part in heavy exercise, or participating in sports that are very physically demanding.

However, they still love to run around, and lots of French Bulldogs can run at a very fair speed.

It is just very important for the breed that they never get out of breath or begin panting heavily as this can become dangerous to the dog.

How Do You Know If Your Bulldog Has Over-Exercised?

It is important to be aware of the particular state of health that your French Bulldog is in, so that you can make sure that you never put your dog in a position where it has to overexert itself.

This can become dangerous. You should ensure that you don’t exercise with your dog when the weather is very warm, as they have a very high risk of overheating due to their genetic makeup.

When you and your Frenchie are outdoors, you should watch out for any signs that your dog may be struggling.

These signs include:

  • Heavy panting
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Thirst
  • Fast pulse
  • Diarrhea

If you see any of these signs in your dog, make sure that you immediately stop any physical activity and ensure that the dog is not in the heat or the sun.

If it is necessary, take the dog to the vet if you see any of these signs. It is always a good idea to get them checked over if you are in doubt.

Activities That French Bulldogs Love

As it can sometimes be dangerous for French Bulldogs to overexert themselves, it is important that you are aware of some of the great activities that they enjoy that do not cause them to get out of breath or begin panting.

French Bulldogs are great dogs to have around, and they can still participate in a lot of great activities.

While you do have to remain aware of the health complications that can come from French Bulldogs participating in strenuous activity, you just need to make sure that you are taking into account the physical health of your dog, and try not to overexert.

It is very important for Frenchies to get enough daily exercise in order to keep their bodies healthy and to avoid obesity.

Obedience Training

If you want a great way to keep your French Bulldog in shape, obedience training is a great way to do this.

It is great exercise, and it also gives your dog a mental challenge which is proven to be beneficial to your dog. In this training your dog will learn how to jump, retrieve and walk off the leash.

If your Frenchie participates in this training, they will be well trained in the home, as well as getting some great regular exercise.

Brisk Walking

French Bulldogs are great at brisk, short walks. It is better for these walks to be shorter but more often, so that they can get outdoors more than once a day.

It is recommended that a French Bulldog gets around 20 minutes of exercise a day, but this can be in shorter spouts rather than all in one go.

This is a good idea with a dog like this because there is very little chance of the dog becoming too hot.

If you live in a hot area, make sure that you take your dog out for a walk in the morning before it gets too hot, or in the evening after it has cooled down.

Agility Training

If your French Bulldog is particularly athletic, then you may want to think about agility training.

While some Frenchies would struggle with the physical pressure of this, if you have an athletic French Bulldog, then this is definitely an option.

These dogs are very intelligent and resilient, so they will be able to participate in agility training if it is tailored to their speed and ability.

All you have to do is make sure that your dog is getting enough rest in between sessions of agility training so that you don’t push them too hard.

How To Make Your French Bulldog Run Faster

How To Make Your French Bulldog Run Faster

Firstly, it is important to note here that you should never push your dog outside of its comfort zones. Genetically, French Bulldogs can have certain problems that make it difficult for them to catch their breath and remain calm.

If you do want your French Bulldog to be able to run faster than it currently can, there are a few things that you can do.

  • You can ensure that your dog is fit and healthy, and that it has a good diet and regular checks
  • Make sure you don’t run with your dog when it is a puppy. This can damage the way that the joints and bone structure develop which can cause problems
  • Train them up. It is important to condition your French Bulldog so that it is ready for running. You can do this by often playing fetch with your dog, and exercising regularly.
  • Ensure the dog is not overweight. You should ensure that you feed the dog the correct amount of food each day, and make sure that you get enough exercise each day. The average French Bulldog will need around 20 minutes of exercise per day. This can be split up throughout the day and it doesn’t need to be all in one walk.

What Is The Fastest Dog?

French Bulldogs are not best known for their speed. The fastest dog breed out there is the Greyhound.

This breed of dog can run up to 45 miles per hour, which is much faster than the average of 15 miles per hour that a Frenchie runs.

If you are looking for a fast dog, then these Bulldogs are definitely not for you. You should opt for a Greyhound, or other very fast dog instead.

Final Thoughts

A French Bulldog can run at anywhere between 13 and 17 miles per hour. While you need to make sure that your Frenchie experiences 20 minutes of exercise per day, it is very important not to overexert these dogs.

This is because of the possibility of there being some damage to their respiratory system that is common in French Bulldogs.

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