Can French Bulldogs Eat Chicken?

It probably goes without saying that we all want our Frenchies to be happy and of course we want them to be healthy.

A major part of them being healthy is by having a balanced diet – but what exactly can they eat and not eat?

You may be considering feeding your Frenchie some chicken, but you might not be aware if they are allowed to eat chicken or not.

Well, the answer is yes they can – but some Frenchies can be allergic to chicken. Therefore, there’s a lot you need to know about this situation.

We’ve written this guide to try to explain more about Frenchies and their relationship with chicken, so if you’re wondering if you can feed them chicken – read on to learn more.

Are Frenchies Allergic To Chicken?

So, as we said, some Frenchies will be allergic to chicken, whereas other Frenchies will be totally fine with eating chicken.

Indeed, if a French bulldog is okay with eating chicken, they can eat it cooked, raw or with other foods.

The problem is, if you have never fed your Frenchie chicken before, you might be a little apprehensive and unsure about what the signs are that they are allergic.

Bizarrely though, you may not be aware that your Frenchie might have already eaten chicken before.

This is because many of the foods in dog food like kibble will already contain chicken or some sort of ingredient that includes chicken.

Why Are Some Frenchies Allergic To Chicken?

Generally speaking, some Frenchies will develop food allergies when their immune system develops a type of sensitivity with a specific food type.

The chance of this happening is usually much higher when it comes to things like chicken.

If your dog does have allergies to chicken, their body will negatively respond to the food when they have consumed it.

You will then notice a whole range of symptoms, which we will examine later in this guide.

It is probably obvious to point out, but the more chicken your Frenchie eats if they are allergic – the worse the symptoms will be, as their body responds much more aggressively every single time.

There is also the factor of genetics as to why some French bulldogs are allergic to chicken.

As with humans, their genes play a huge role in the foods that they can tolerate or not.

However, some Frenchies will simply develop their allergies over time. This is not something to worry about, it’s a very normal situation to see.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chicken Allergies With Frenchies?

What If My Frenchie Isn’t Allergic To Chicken -

Now, you’ll probably be wondering how you’ll be able to notice if your Frenchie even has allergies to chicken to begin with.

There will be some clear symptoms that you can pay attention to, whereas others will be more subtle.

Look out for the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Patchy skin and bald patches
  • Dry skin or itchy skin
  • Inflammation and ear infections
  • Skin infection
  • Lots of scratching near their face, paws and ears

If any of these symptoms become apparent, you need to ensure that you do the following:

  • Contact a vet immediately
  • Monitor your Frenchie
  • Remove any chicken from the area
  • Keep a bit of the chicken if possible for the vet (they may need to test it)

What If My Frenchie Isn’t Allergic To Chicken?

If your dog is totally fine with eating chicken, then there is no reason why they cannot have chicken as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Chicken is full of protein and can be very useful for your dog’s overall diet, but it’s important that you continue to feed them with the right nutrients and other helpful food staples that they need to remain happy and healthy.

How To Feed Your Frenchie Chicken

If your dog is happy enough to eat chicken, then there are some things you need to know about how to prepare it and how to feed them the chicken.

Consider the following points.

  • Boil the chicken as this will remove any potential bacteria.
  • Although some Frenchies will be fine eating raw chicken, there is a risk of some bacterias such as salmonella or E-Coli to be present and make your Frenchie unwell.
  • Do not feed your Frenchie chicken on the bone. Bones can break up very easily and can either get trapped in your Frenchie’s throat or cause significant injury to their insides.
  • Try to feed your dog with foods that accompany the chicken. Many experts suggest using rice or mixing the chicken in with foods that they are avoiding.

Can My Frenchie Eat Chicken Leg?

It’s always a good idea to avoid feeding your dog any sort of bones within a chicken. Whether that is a chicken thigh, leg or wing.

Bones can be very dangerous and not only can they lead to choking and internal damage, but they can at the very least damage their gums.

What Should I Do If My Frenchie Eats A Chicken Bone?

If you have noticed your Frenchie has eaten a chicken bone, the first and foremost thing you must do is remember not to panic.

Many times, a dog can eat a chicken bone and be lucky enough not to have any repercussions, but it’s never a good idea to let this happen.

If however you’ve noticed some bad signs, you should do the following things:

  • If you suspect that a chicken bone has become lodged in your dog’s airway or the upper intestinal tract, you must contact a vet right away.
  • If you can physically see a chicken bone in your Frenchie’s throat or in their mouth, you should try to remove it – but only as long as it is safe to do so.
  • If your Frenchie has eaten a chicken bone and starts to display symptoms of illness as we have described above, then you must contact a vet immediately.

Is Chicken A Good Idea To Feed To My Frenchie At All?

As we said earlier, chicken can be a great source of protein and a good addition to a healthy and balanced diet.

However, chicken can cause significant problems if your Frenchie does not respond well to it.

Of course too, if your dog accidentally consumes a chicken bone, they can experience very bad repercussions – so while the choice is ultimately yours, it’s probably better that you avoid the urge to feed your Frenchie chicken altogether.

What Is The Alternative To Chicken?

Poultry can be a gamble in terms of bacteria, so if you are looking to feed your Frenchie something meaty but much more safe, then consider something like lamb or beef.

They are much better off with the larger bones too.

Moreover, these meats are often included in their dog foods you buy at the supermarket, so you will be sure that they will love it!

The Bottom Line

Chicken can be consumed by Frenchies, but only if they are not allergic to it. In reality, due to the potential dangers – it’s better to avoid feeding it to them.

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