French Bulldog Splooting – Why Does My Frenchie Sploot?

When we got our Frenchie Augie we couldn’t help but notice he would often lay like a frog.  Eventually we learned when a dog lays with his legs splayed behind him that it is called “splooting.” Splooting is a slang term many dog owners use to describe this adorable position their beloved pets often lay in.    

French Bulldogs typically sploot because it is a comfortable spot for them to rest in. When young, French Bulldogs are flexible and their joints and ligaments are quite stretchy. This allows them to easily angle themselves into a variety of poses A common pose your French Bulldog may adopt is a full or half sploot. . 

Other popular names for “splooting” may be known as are:

  • Frog legs
  • Supermanning
  • Flying squirrel
  • Pancaking or the Pancake Flop
  • Drumsticks

What is French Bulldog Splooting?

When you come across your frenchie lying on their stomach with either one or both or their legs spread out behind them that is known as splooting.  Not all dogs sploot and there isn’t just one way to sploot (see the variations we often see our Frenchie do below).  

Different Kinds of French Bulldog Splooting

It won’t be uncommon for your Frenchie to mix up his splooting poses.  Here are a couple variations you may see your French Bulldog pose in.  (Note:  both are absolutely adorable!).

The French Bulldog Full Sploot

French Bulldog Splooting

This is the most common French Bulldog sploot that you may see your dog perform.  A full sploot is when  your Frenchie has both legs fully extended out from behind with their front legs in front or beside their body.

It is absolutely adorable when you see your Frenchie splooting and it is a common trigger for myself or one of our kiddos to grab their phone so we can snap a quick picture of the adorable sight (hence the photo included above of our Frenchie Augie!).  

The French Bulldog Half Sploot

French Bulldog Half Sploot


Sometimes you may see your Frenchie do another sploot variation.  The half sploot consists of your Frenchie only sticking out one of their legs behind them with the other tucked under their body.  In the photo above this is a shot of our Frenchie taken standing over him while he half sploots.  

4 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Sploot or Lay Like Frogs

There can be many common reasons why your Frenchie may adopt this splooting pose.  Here are some of the potential reasons your Frenchie may sploot:

1. Your Frenchie Is Cooling Down

One reason why you might find your Frenchie splooting is simply because they are hot and need to find a way to cool down their body.  Frenchies are a brachycephalic dog breed and tend to overheat with their short little snouts.  

Your Frenchie can’t just fan themselves or jump in a pool whenever they get hot they need to cool their body down.  This is a common pose our Frenchie takes after a walk around the neighborhood.  He walks in the door after his walk, I take his leash off, and he plops down on the cool ceramic floor in our kitchen in his full sploot pose.  

Dogs tend to cool down by pressing their belly to the ground and splooting provides a great way for dogs to spread out and give their legs some air.

French Bulldog Behavior Problems

2. Your Frenchie Is Getting A Stretch In

Another reason dogs may resort to laying down like a frog is because they need to stretch their muscles out. 

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been just sitting around and being lazy for a long period of time I find myself needing to stand up and stretch out. Splooting is an ideal way for your Frenchie to get a full body stretch that also engages their legs and hips. 

3. Your Frenchie Is Relaxing and Making Himself Comfortable

My dog’s favorite place to snuggle up and rest is on the foot of our bed at night.  He gets up on our bed and gets in his full or half sploot position.  It’s a comfortable and relaxing position for him in one of his favorite spots in the house. 

Everyone’s dog is different but when our Frenchie hops in bed with us he tend to resort to a position that’s comfortable for him.

This reason may connect to why your Frenchie is splooting. Dogs try to find the most comfortable spot when lying around and splooting just might be a cozy and relaxing pose for them. It certainly is for our Frenchie!  

4. Splooting Is An Easy and Natural Position For Your French Bulldog

Said simply, splooting is comfy position for your Frenchie to lay in.  It just feels right for them so they do it.  

I haven’t experienced this too much because I’m still young but I’m sure some of you have gotten well too familiar with the effects of aging. As you grow and get older over the years your body becomes less mobile and less able to do certain things.

However, when your Frenchie is young and wild they have tons of mobility as well as flexibility. This allows them to have full range of movement with their body without having to worry about any discomfort or stiffness,

That is why splooting comes easily to them. 

Should You Be Concerned About Your French Bulldog Splooting?

Most of the time, splooting is both normal and natural for your Frenchie to be doing. When your Frenchie is splooting it is not harmful to them and not anything to be worried about.  

Some people have asked if your French Bulldog splooting is a sign of hip issues (specifically hip dysplasia).  While it is often larger dog breeds that are more predisposed from hip dysplasia even smaller dog breeds like Frenchies can still have hip issues.

In some situations, your Frenchie may sploot to ease any discomfort they have. When this happens splooting can be related to health issues such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia 
  • Ataxia… and more

If it appears your Frenchie is in discomfort and is splooting to avoid pain then you should bring your dog to the Vet to have them evaluate your pup.

Although splooting may be a cause for concern in certain cases, generally it isn’t something that should be worried about. The truth is splooting isn’t bad for dogs, it can be beneficial in many ways. But when your Frenchie is splooting often it can turn into a bad thing. This is why it is best to not let your frenchie lie in the position too much or it could present further problems such as arthritic hips and joints. If you are worried about your frenchie it may be a good idea to take them to the vet and have them get checked out. 

Symptoms that typically occur in conjunction with Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia include:


  • Limping/walking slower
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decrease of activity
  • Sleeping more
  • Acting differently/ more grumpy or irritable 

If you see your Frenchie experiencing any of these issues it is best to get them checked out.

French Bulldog Splooting Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about it – when you see your Frenchie splooting it is absolutely adorable and chances are strong it will put a smile on your face while warming your heart.  Splooting is a perfectly natural pose for your Frenchie and you may find it is a position you will find them in from time to time!   


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