Why Is My French Bulldog Staring At Me?

It’s easy to feel like your French Bulldog is watching you, and I know I’ve felt those eyes on me and wondered: “Why are you staring at me?”

So, naturally, I did some research on the topic. See, I’ve noticed that dogs love to stare at people, regardless of the breed of dog it is.

So there are some universal factors that I need to consider. But let’s go into a few more details about why my dog is staring at me.

They’re Showing Us Affection

Why Is My French Bulldog Staring At Me?

Now, my Frenchie always stares at me because they’re showing me affection. You know how if you like someone, you stare at them all the time? That’s essentially what our French Bulldogs are doing.

They’re basically in awe of how we exist, and it’s how they show us that they care about us.

But why is this such an affectionate act? The answer is found in science. Say I stare back at my Frenchie when they’re staring at me; this act allows my dog to release oxytocin, the same hormone produced when a mother looks at her baby.

It’s the love hormone, and it increases the attachment between us and our pets.

They’re Gauging Our Emotions

Dogs can read our emotions and may be staring at us to gauge their meaning. They might look at your body language to see what we’ll do next. See, there’s a reason that dogs are said to smell how we’re feeling, and it’s because they’re watching us that they know.

Like how we check our pet’s behavior, they’re doing the same with us. Of course, this also means they’re gauging our behavior and checking our routines. For example, say that I’m leaving the house.

My Frenchie will know my routine because they’ve been watching me the whole time and understanding what I do each day.

It’s also why they know exactly what will happen next and why they know when it’s feeding time. So, if you ever wondered whether your dog also knows why it’s feeding time, it’s because they have figured out what time to wake up.

They’re Either Curious Or Confused

I know that my dog has looked at me as if I’ve grown a second head before, and there’s no doubt that your Frenchie has looked at you with a cock of their head.

They’ll usually stare at you when they do this. I know they will stare at you if they’re confused by our behavior because they usually monitor our routines.

If we do something that is not a part of our usual routine, they’ll stare at us, confused. However, if we’re acting strange in other ways, they will notice and look at us to understand what we’re doing. It’s a way that they can continue understanding our behavior.

They Want Attention From Us

Why Is My FrenchBulldog Staring AtMe

I’ll be honest, most of the time my Frenchies stare at me because they want attention. It could either mean they want head pats and affection, or maybe they want to play. If they bring me a ball, drop it in front of me, and stare at me, I’ll know they want to play fetch.

French Bulldogs are pretty obvious when they want something, so they’ll usually follow you around if they want something in particular. In some cases, they’ll do this when I’m not following my set routine, and they’ll be demanding food because it’s time for it.

They’re Focused

I find that my Frenchies stare when they want recognition when we’ve been training. Usually, they’ll stare if they’re waiting for a new order after I’ve told them to sit down.

However, they may also be waiting for some kind of reward. When they’re staring, it’s the best time to teach your Frenchie a new trick.

Of course, they’ll also be making sure they don’t miss any signs from you. They don’t want to get scolded for doing anything wrong, so they’ll be watching you intently to make sure. After all, you might also train them with some hand signals, so they need to remain focused.

I’ve found that my Frenchies will stare more during training, which makes training easier. It also means they’re more likely to follow any gestures I make. Plus, if I have treats on hand for a reward, I know my Frenchie will follow that hand intently to ensure they get recognized for their hard work.

They May Trust You When They’re Vulnerable

I’ve been asked why their French Bulldog stares at them while doing their business in the yard. The answer to that is because that’s when they’re at their most vulnerable. That doesn’t mean they’re sizing you up, but it does mean they trust you to keep a lookout.

If your Frenchie is staring while doing its business, it means they’re signaling you to watch for any lurking predators. In a way, it’s one of the best ways they can show they trust you, while it may make the rest of us feel awkward.

Might Be Manipulating You

Why Is My FrenchBulldog Staring AtMe (1)

There’s a reason that someone uses puppy dog eyes to get what they want, and the saying has to come from somewhere. Sometimes, your dog may just be staring at you, imploringly, to get something from you. In most cases, this will happen when you’re at the dinner table.

I remember giving in once, and then, the begging spiraled out of control. I would feel guilty for having food that I prepared, and then I would end up giving scraps to my Frenchie anyway. They may not start out that way, but it is how begging starts.

So, you may want to be prepared for how you react to your Frenchie’s staring when food’s involved, or your meals will not be fun.

They May Be Aggressive

I should mention now that all of my previous advice should be ignored if you’re not familiar with the French Bulldog you’re looking after. While Frenchies aren’t known for a poor temperament, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any that wouldn’t be aggressive.

For example, if I try to take a toy from my Frenchie and they growl and stare as I do so, I’ll know that I need to back off immediately. If your Frenchie does do this, you might want to take them to a behavior specialist, as this could pose a problem in the long run.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, this is rare for French Bulldogs. If your Frenchie is aggressive, it might mean that they haven’t been socialized enough when they were pups. They might not trust other people or dogs, so paying attention to their body language in these situations is best.

They Need To Go To The Bathroom

Finally, my Frenchie Augie will intently stare at me when he needs to go the bathroom (especially for number two).  He is kind enough to stand by the door but he will stare at whomever is in the kitchen and unequivocally let them know he needs to go outside.

Final Thoughts

There are so many reasons that a French Bulldog is staring at you. They either stare because they love us or because they want something from us. Sometimes, they may even stare because they don’t trust us or they’re possessive.

It’s important that when your Frenchie stares that you consider the situation. After all, it’s better to know the body language of your French Bulldog so that you know where you stand. Without understanding your Frenchie’s body language, you may not understand why they’re staring.

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