What French Bulldog Color Is The Most Expensive? (And Why Is It So Expensive?)

Part of the reason French bulldogs are so popular with owners when it comes to dog breeds is just how many different colors they can come in.

Whether it’s a light blue, a creamy white or even a combination of several colors at once, there’s no shortage of how these friendly companions can look.

However, the color of their fur not only affects a Frenchies appearance but also their price tag since depending on how they look can actually have a big impact on their overall value.

So with that being said, which color is the most expensive when it comes to French bulldogs? Keep reading to find out.

What Is The Most Expensive French Bulldog Color?

While for the average dog fan the color of a dog may just be a matter of preference, for dog enthusiasts and breeders it can be a much bigger deal since depending on the genetics of the dog since it can bring out some incredibly stunning and very rare mixture of colors that can end up making the dog a lot more expensive and valuable.

In terms of the French bulldog, this would relate most to the Isabella French who is always the most expensive type of Frenchie specifically because of their genetic makeup.

For a French bulldog to be an Isabella French, it must be handed down two chocolate genes and two blue genes which gives the dog, what many consider to be, a true lilac appearance.

Alongside their stunning appearance and extravagant mixture of colors, Isabella Frenchies also tend to possess lighter shades on their eyes and noses, making them extremely recognizable.

Other Expensive French Bulldog Colors

While the Isabella French bulldog is undoubtedly the most expensive Frenchie due to its incredibly unique appearance and genetics, there are a few others that are also considered fairly rare and that are sold for higher prices than usual for one reason or another.

Here are some of the other rare types of French bulldogs.

Blue Fawn Frenchies

Blue Fawn Frenchies are easily recognizable for the blue ‘mask’ that covers most of their face and pairs with their fawn bodies.

They also are known for having striking light-blue eyes with this colorful combination being why many dog enthusiasts will be willing to pay a higher price than usual for them.

However with that being said, similar to the Isabella, the reason blue fawns have this appearance is due to very specific genetic traits which does also make them incredibly rare.

Sable French Bulldogs

Sable Frenchies are considered to also be incredibly rare because their genetics mean they possess dots of black around their fur coating.

This is different from fawn Frenchies whom have a solid tan color to their fur similar to sables, however unlike sables, they don’t have this sporadic black coloring spread throughout the coat which is what makes sables so unique.

Merle Frenchies

Merle Frenchies possess a mixture of different contrasting colors due to them being a blue-gene dog breed which results in a jaw dropping appearance that many French bulldog fans can’t get enough of.

These dogs are gray with spots of a specific color around their coating which is usually white, however it could also be blue, red, black or tan.

How To Care For A Isabella Frenchie?

Isabella Frenchie’s are not too different from regular French bulldogs, however, there are few considerations to always keep in mind if you decide to pick one of these friendly and cute dogs up.

Isabella French bulldogs have a short and smooth coat which means it won’t require too much maintenance from the owner so a brush with small and round bristles will work just fine to keep their hair smooth, clean and shiny while also helping to reduce shedding.

Isabella’s are also known for being incredibly energetic so it’s important to keep them active whenever you get the chance.

A classic game of catch is often the best way to tire out a dog and give them a good exercise when they’re a little more irritable, however if you want an easier way to keep an Isabella Frenchie occupied, you could even try out an automatic dog ball launcher which is perfect for planting in the back garden for your Frenchie to play around with for an hour or two.


French bulldogs can be some of the most expensive dog breeds you can buy, and the reason for this is because if some of them carry very specific genes, it grants them an incredibly vibrant and unique appearance that can be hard to find on many other dogs.

Isabella Frenchies are definitely the most unique in this regard and while they are incredibly rare, they have started becoming more popular in recent years which has meant their price tag has also risen gradually.

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