What Does It Mean When A French Bulldog Won’t Stop Licking Their Paw?

It’s not unusual to see any dog licking their paws every now and again, after all, it’s their go-to method of keeping themselves clean and fresh when they haven’t washed in a little while or have just come back from a muddy walk.

While all dogs exhibit this behavior often, you can still tell if there may be an issue by how much they are licking their paws, and this includes the French bulldog who can show their irritation and unease through this method which is why it’s always vital for owners to keep an eye on.

If you think that your Frenchie might be licking its paw a little too much, or if you’re not sure how to tell, here is all you need to know so that you can find out about any potential issues in no time.

How Often Should French Bulldogs Lick Their Paws?

It should always be remembered that dogs licking their paws, legs and tails are normal behavioral characteristics that are part of their self-grooming routines.

Because of this, all dog breeds including the French bulldog will often only lick their paws a few times a day and with usually a lot of time in between, and when they can be found licking their paws, they often do so in just a few seconds so that they can move to clean the rest of their body.

Issues can arise if you notice your Frenchie licking their paw for more than a few minutes at a time and especially if they’re focusing on only the center of the paw rather than any other parts of the body.

An issue can also easily be noticed if the Frenchie can be seen biting and chewing on their paws rather than licking, which can indicate that they are experiencing irritation in the body.

Do French Bulldogs Lick Their Paws More Than Other Dogs?

French bulldogs, along with most bulldog breeds, can often be found licking their paws more often than most other breeds, however the reason for this is simply because they are more prone to developing a skin issue or infection which will cause the dog to focus on the paw a lot more.

This isn’t always the reason however, like a lot of other dogs, if a Frenchie gets injured, whether that be from rough terrain, having something stuck in their paw, or getting stung by a wasp, these can all cause the dog to focus more intently on licking their paw.

What Does It Mean If A French Bulldog Is Licking Their Paw Excessively?

What Does It Mean When A French Bulldog Won’t Stop Licking Their Paw

If you notice that your Frenchie has started licking its paw a little more than average and don’t seem to only be doing it as part of its regular self-grooming routine, this could indicate that there is a bigger issue. Here are some of the main reasons:

Skin Infections

The most common reason a Frenchie will focus on licking its paw is due to the intensive itchiness that comes with a skin infection, something they are very susceptible to picking up, especially in relation to food-based allergies.

If a Frenchie is allergic to a specific food or substance, they can quickly develop dry and flaky skin around their body and while this can commonly affect their ears and skin folds, which they will also usually scratch if they have an infection, they will also resort to licking and biting their paws to ease some of the irritation.

If you notice your Frenchie is licking and biting their paw out of irritation, and if they are also excessively scratching other parts of their body like the nose and ears, it is always worth taking them straight to the veterinarian before they injure themselves.


While they will usually only take a minute or two to clean their paws normally, another reason Frenchies might spend just a little longer doing it is if they have irritated their paws in some way while walking around, especially if it’s on certain materials and in conditions which can irritate their skin.

This not only goes for chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers along with salt and ice, but it also refers to weather conditions since if the floor is too hot and especially if the Frenchie is walking on a wooden surface or concrete, this can quickly cause their paws to heat up which can cause them to lick them more intently to try and ease some of the irritation.


Dogs can very easily chip a toenail or damage their feet when running across rough or spiky terrain which can also be a common reason for them to focus on licking their paws to help ease some of the pain.

If you think this could be a reason, make sure to check your Frenchies’ feet for any wounds or thorns between their toes or that could be stuck in their paws.

Hormonal Imbalance

This refers to Cushing’s Syndrome which occurs when a dog’s body has too much of the hormone cortisol at one time which creates a hormonal imbalance in the body since they won’t produce enough thyroid, leading to irritation.

Cushing’s Syndrome can become serious if it’s not treated with some of the common symptoms being excessive paw licking, increased urination, increased appetite, excessive panting and a reduction in activity.

What To Do If Your French Bulldog Is Licking Their Paws Too Much?

If you do think excessive licking could be down to a skin or yeast infection, or if you notice other symptoms such as a brown discharge in the ears and think it could be a sign of Cushing’s Syndrome, then it is always worth taking your Frenchie to the veterinarian to prevent any further damage or irritation from occurring.

On the other hand, if they seem to be licking due to the hot weather and the surfaces they have been walking on, a natural dog paw balm is the perfect solution to easing out any cracks and discomfort in the dog’s paw.

If you think your dog may have picked up an injury on their latest travels, or if you want to try and prevent them from picking up any more damage when you next take them for a walk and want to keep their paws protected from irritation, dog boots and protectors are also an excellent option for keeping them safe and ensuring they won’t pick up any injuries or infections when strolling around outside.


All bulldog breeds including the Frenchies are known to develop infections and irritations quite easily around their body, which can make it easy to know when there may be an issue since they will be licking their paws a lot more than often.

If you do notice that they are spending more than a few minutes licking their paws and are certain it’s not a temporary irritation or serious injury, it could be time to take them to the veterinarian to be safe.

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