Cream French Bulldogs – A Complete Guide

Cream French Bulldogs are absolutely gorgeous. They are (surprise, surprise) a creamy shade. They are usually a warm shade of cream that is paler than a fan Frenchie, but darker than a white Frenchie.

Cream Frenchies can look similar to fawn Frenchies, but there are easy ways to distinguish between the two. This article will explore the distinguishing features of a cream French Bulldog. Read on for more information

Are Cream French Bulldogs Common?

Cream is a very common color for the French Bulldog breed. While most people wouldn’t concern themselves with how common the color is, if you are looking to show your Frenchie, then this could be important to you.

You will find that cream colored French Bulldogs are not a rarity when it comes to the breed, as they are one of the more common colors.

How Do Cream Frenchies Get Their Color?

It is important to understand how your Frenchie gets its color. Dog coats are controlled by two different pigments, each of which influence the color of the dog’s coat.

If the pigment is pheomelanin, then it will create a cream coat. While it is true that cream Frenchies are not too uncommon, in order for a dog to have a cream coat, they will need to have a diluted level of this pigment.

This only occurs when the dilution gene is present in the genetic makeup of the dog. The dilution gene is a recessive gene, so both of your parents will need to have the gene in order for it to have a cream color on its coat.

This is similar to red hair in humans. This means that, while cream Frenchies aren’t rare, they aren’t the most commonly seen Frenchie, either.

Can Cream Frecnhies Be Bred?

In order to breed cream Frenchies, you need to make sure that both of the parents have this gene. Some breeders will be able to breed for cream Frenchies by breeding certain dogs together.

However, breeding dogs can be dangerous and damaging, so you need to make sure that you buy from a reputable breeder. When it comes to choosing a dog, you should always put health and temperament in the color of the dog’s coat, especially if in ignoring these things you are putting the dog at risk.

In most cases, reputable breeders will not breed Frenchies in this way. This is because these dogs already have a number of different health related issues, and breeding them specifically for color can complicate this even more.

Are Cream Frenchies Popular?

Cream Frenchies are very popular dogs, and it will sometimes require you to go on a waiting list in order to get the certain color Frenchie.

They are beautiful dogs, so this is understandable, however, in some cases it may be better to opt for a different color Frenchie to save you from waiting too long.

What Is The Difference Between Fawn And Cream Frenchies?

It is very common that fawn Frenchies and cream Frenchies are mixed up. The two do look very similar in some ways, but let’s have a look at how you can distinguish them!

Fawn and cream French Bulldogs are actually very different colors. Cream coloring on a dog occurs because of the presence of a dilution gene.

It is formed if both parents have this recessive gene and this shows up in the genetic makeup of the puppy. In opposition to this, the fawn coloring occurs at a different place. This happens in the K locus, and it is the accepted color of French Bulldogs.

In terms of color, fawn Frenchies are a lot darker than cream Frenchies. As well as this, fawn Frenchies are much more likely to have a black face than a cream Frenchie is.

In most cases, cream Frenchies will not have any other colors on them, whereas fawn Frenchies can have some other colors on them.

Differences Between White And Cream Frenchies

Differences Between White And Cream Frenchies

White Frenchies are also more common than cream Frenchies. They are a lot whiter than the cream Frenchies that we are looking at in this article. These dogs usually come with some other coloring on their bodies, such as fawn.

Are Cream Frenchies Healthy?

French Bulldogs can come with their own range of physical problems, and cream Frenchies are no exception to this rule.

The gene that causes the dog to have a cream coat is often correlative to the dog having alopecia. This can be quite problematic for these dogs, as it can mean that they lose their entire coat, or patches of their coat.

French Bulldog Health Issues

French bulldogs do have a few health issues, and these can be quite hard for them to cope with. This occurs because French Bulldogs have been bred in a certain way. This has caused them to have a smushed nose, and a short body.

These traits can cause problems for the Frenchie in terms of health, as it can cause spinal deformities and brachycephalic syndrome. According to research, at least 71% of Frenchies experience one health issue that relates to this problem. These health issues include:


It is very common for Frenchies to experience lots of different types of allergies, including environmental ones. In lots of cases, these allergies can cause a lot of scratching and itching from your dog.

In severe cases, these allergies can lead to skin infections so it is important to make sure that you treat it as quickly as possible. In lots of cases, these allergies are caused by mold, dust mites or other animals.

Frenchies also often suffer from dietary and digestive problems which can cause food allergies. It is common for them to be allergic to chicken, wheat and dairy.

Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome

Due to the shape of the French Bulldog’s nose, it is common that they will suffer from brachycephalic respiratory syndrome. This affects the dog’s breathing.

This is caused by the short noses that Frenchies have because they are a brachycephalic breed. This problem can cause problems with airflow when breathing, and it can also put some pressure on the organs of the dog.

Cardiovascular Problems

Frenchies are also prone to suffering from heart problems, or problems with the cardiovascular system. This can include irregular heart rates and murmurs.

This can often be quite mild, but in some cases it can become very serious. You should make sure that you take your dog to the vet regularly to get checked out, and ensure that you are keeping an eye on them at all times.


Frenchies often experience cataracts, and it is one of the most common eye problems that can occur. This is especially true if this problem is in the dog’s family, because it can be hereditary.

Cataracts affect the vision of the dog, making it blurred or obstructing the view. This can sometimes cause blindness, but it can be fixed through surgery.

This surgery can be very expensive, though, as it is quite a serious operation for your dog to go through and would require anesthesia, and after care as well as the cost of the actual procedure.

Cleft Palate

Cleft Palates are very common in the Frenchie due to genetics and breeding. This occurs when the mouth of the dog is not correctly formed, causing some eating challenges, breathing challenges, and many more.

These dogs can require surgery when they are first born, as they are born with this defect. However, in some cases, the cleft palate is not severe enough and so can be left and not operated on.

Final Thoughts

Now you should know everything you need to know about cream French Bulldogs, including their health risks and where they get their color from.

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